Team Dec1521 - COGS

(Central Online Grading System)

The main goal of this project is to create a web application that will drastically reduce the amount of time required for Professor Daniels and his TAs to grade code submitted by students in CPR E 185. Professor Daniels would like for students to be able to come up with their own ideas rather than assigning homework that will give specific outputs given specific inputs, it is therefore highly unlikely that the webapp will be an autograder in the sense that it will grade student’s code.

We wish to create an environment where TAs can be assigned groups of students and view the work from each student and grade them as well while minimizing the number of actions needed by the TA to complete the task. The grades submitted by the TA will then be sent to Blackboard for record keeping and so students can view their grade and any comments. The webapp will adhere to all legalities related to safety of students’ grades.

System Overview